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Welcome to the home of the SHE READY MOVEMENT, INC., a woman owned non-profit organization 501(c)(3) focused on the development of young women between the ages of 13-18. Our goal is to create a safe space for learning, lasting experiences, and growth. We recognized the need for our youth in urban areas to be strategically positioned to gain a competitive edge, whether it is in the workforce or as a woman owned sole proprietress. 

When the world says, ‘She’s not ready” and/or asks “Is she ready? The She Ready Movement is here to answer unequivocally that Yes! She (is)Ready and we present to the world that our young people are well groomed, poised, and ready. We emulate by the example set by the women upon whose shoulders we stand, proving to our young ladies that it doesn’t matter where you are from, or where you live, neither can define you as a person deserving of success! 

We encourage our young women to be their best selves, walk in authenticity, be respectful and know that they are valued. They know that they deserve the best of what life has to offer. Our purpose is to develop the skills that prove to our young people and the world that they are ready and able to compete, not just on the local level but also on the global stage.


About Us

Cecilia J started THE SHE READY MOVEMENT as she saw the need to show young women, that they can achieve anything they put their minds to do. She was given huge life lesson from her grandmother Joan Savoy Penn and has had a passion for helping women all her life. She has always been instrumental in teaching and mentoring young women. She consistently teaches them that no matter what life gives you, you are in charge of your destiny. 
Her annual fashion event benefits The She Ready Movement, recognizes fashion and beauty creatives while providing a platform for designers and young entrepreneurs to display their talents. She is a strong believer in giving back and paying it forward. She continues to show her She Ready young women that dreams do come true. Just Believe, Do The Work and Stay Ready!

                  “their mission is our mission” 

               Cecilia J


Our Team Focus

We have a proven track record in Washington DC and the surrounding communities. We teamed up with the community and a local High school, to focus on giving our She Ready Young Women real life tools useful in navigating through life after high school and beyond. Our meetings and events have proven to have a lasting impact on our young women. But we can do more with your help. Our quarterly meetings and annual events are successful because of generous donations from people like you! 

Here at The She Ready Movement! The focus is on the following:

The Entrepreneurial Spirit 
Career Guidance
Business Etiquette 
Academic Success
Higher Education 
Public Speaking
Healthy Relationships


Let’s Work Together

Feel free to send us a message or email us at  E-Mail:

Thank you a representative will follow up with you shortly!
A woman standing at a souvenir store

Our Solutions

We create memorable experiences, events and meet ups to advance the mission and vision of each of our she ready young women. We meet quarterly with a specified focus for each meeting. We have dialogue, share experiences, and invite guest speakers to help provide insight and guidance to our participants. We discuss real life experiences and provide examples of women from a variety of industries and backgrounds to help the young women realize they are not alone. We all stand on the shoulders of someone. 

Our Impact

We are creating REAL impact, directly with each young lady who participates in the program. We have created such things as a Pitch Competition which put cash money for school and entrepreneur endeavors in their hands. We have been able to help young ladies get jobs, expand businesses, create mentorships, and act as a go to resources for any and everything they need.

Our Ask

We cannot do this work alone. 100% of every donation goes towards the program funding, activities and events, for The She Ready Young Women. It truly takes a village and we need your support, because she who is ready. Wins!

Donate Now

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